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What I Hate Most About Some Smokers

Well let me say this 99% of all smokers are litterers. we all know this. They are filthy. plain and simple truth there. And yes, I do hate all litterers but smokers are the worst of them... If you don't like it tough, I have to put up with your filthy kind and your disgusting habit lingering around me and breathe in that smell. I also have to pick up after all your nasty brethren who flick their cigarettes everywhere so you'll just have to put up with the rather true stereotype that your kind are filthy litterers. Seems like a even trade to me. Personally, what I hate most is when people decide to smoke right outside your apartment so that if you have the windows open, your apartment winds up smelling like a goddamn ashtray. I mean, I generally try not to be a prick about that sort of thing, and I don't like how smoking has become demonized to the point where we're always passing new anti-smoking laws and taxes and whatnot, because I do believe people should have the right to make that choice (even if I think that choice is stupid), but I gotta draw the line somewhere, and I think if nothing else, people should show a little ***** courtesy in that regard. That's what I don't get about smokers - I can't imagine not taking a little regard for the people around me and not recognizing that others might not want to have to choke on that *****. Smoke all you want, but at least try to make a ***** effort to be respectful to others, especially as others (like myself, for instance) may suffer allergies and are thus literally sickened by your goddamn smoke.